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And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king’s counselors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them. (Daniel 3:27)

Into the fire…

Abigail had the job in the line of her dreams, a television producer who had made a name for within the company she worked. At the beginning she was happy, learning and challenging herself with the new projects that came her way. But gradually, things began to change for the worse, and frustrations set in. Poor management was one and the obvious poor payment amongst other issues that began to arise within the company after letting the managing staff members go. Eventually, there were only few employees left and amongst the ones who ultimately resigned or got fired was Abigail.

But before she was fired, she’d been searching for a way out on her own, looking up new opportunities and applying for new jobs everyday. She’d send a resignation letter after securing employment elsewhere. She had had it.  However things did not work out as she planned, and when she lost her job she had no cent to her name, and of the companies she applied to, none gave feedback.

You do not have because you do not ask…

Abigail was troubled. After crying the pain off of her chest, she immediately pulled out the contacts she had gathered during time and started to make calls. “Maybe I can start my own company…” She thought. But days after, nothing had worked out, she had received no news, good or bad. And so like any other daughter, she went to visit her mother for solace as she awaits an email calling her for an interview or anything to pop up on her phone. Yet nothing. Instead, her phone broke down, and her hopes with it. On the third night without her phone, blackout manenos happened, and while both her mom and little cousin were on their phones unperturbed, she broke into tears and called upon God, finally… “Please remember me Father…”

Abigail hadn’t prayed in a long while for some reason. And even when she lost her job, she was ashamed to go to God only at the time of need. And so instead of swallowing her pride, she braced it. But on the night of blackout, tears streamed from her eyes and she covered her face under her elbows lost in prayer, desperate for a mighty intervention. In that moment, she did not hear her mom’s voice calling to give her the extra phone she had been keeping in her handbag for two years…

For I have good plans for you…

Abigail inserted her line in the new phone and turned it on. Voila! “Thanks God She whispered. She then opened her email account, still, nothing. She saw the streams of whatsapp messages sprawling in. At the top of the screen she saw a name she knew. An old friend she had met a broad during one of her assignments. They had even worked together and shared footage. She clicked, and texted “Hello Tom

Catching up with Tom meant telling him she had lost her job 3 weeks ago. And when she did, Tom was sorry and wished her the very best in her search for new placement. They said goodbye. But in less than an hour Tom texted again, “Can you drop by our office tomorrow we see what we could do together?

He owned a top-notch production house and Abigail’s skills and experience in the field was a fair fit. So when she dropped in for an interview the next day she had a good feeling. And true to those emotions, to the peace that God had established in her heart, she got a new Job as supervising producer. Yes, a position higher than her previous. “Praise God.

The Hedge of Protection…

The fire burns in reality. But in the Spiritual realm, the burn can as well be the glory, the testimony.  God allows us to go through the fire, sometimes to prove His point. When we go through difficulty with God in our hearts, we come out stronger, empowered, better, respected, enlightened (and you can name all the good out of it). This is because whatever we go through, no matter how difficult, is meant to promote us to our destiny so that in the end His magnificence becomes a revelation on the face of the earth.

When we go through the fire, God actually goes in with us and covers us with His glory that we become fireproof. Remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? God has our backs all the time and this is unconditional and timely. When we are tossed into a burning fiery furnace, His Hedge of protections seals us from the burn. And what that means is that fire has no power above us, rather, we have power against the fire because we are always surrounded by the Most High. So don’t allow yourself to get burnt, because God has your back.

May the favor of God fall upon you!

Writer: Awuor Fakina

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