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FLAMES OF REVIVAL – Pstr. Ian Bisset

Desperation comes to life in this sermon. Pastor Bisset quotes the apostle Mark from his book Mark 9:14-29. The chapter is about a desperate father who has no other alternative left except that of miracles. We all agree that when all other accounts have failed that is when we turn and run to Christ. Will it be a total lie to say that this generation believes more on the art of the physician than on Jehovah Rapha Himself? We rush to the world and when that fails, we remember that there is the ultimate healer who doesn’t ask for much except your belief in him and his power.

The healing of the desperate father’s son didn’t take much except a quick proclamation of his faith in Christ. Pastor Bisset quotes the iconic phrase, “desperate times calls for desperate measures.” But he doesn’t agree with the phrase, instead he tailors it to his own words and says that instead of desperate measures, revival happens.

History, they say is a great teacher and the bible is one of the greatest sources for lessons. Pastor Bisset shows us all the accounts of where people called to God in desperation and God heard them and a great turn-around occurred.

The good thing about desperation is that it leaves one totally broken and bended to the mercies of others. The brokenness one feels at this point enables one to be true to themselves and their creator. This is when you truly call to God while holding nothing back because you know that it is your last shot for a turn-around.

The sermon is an eye opener and it jolts one back to the original way of calling unto Christ.

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