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Acts 10:38 Describes the impact of the anointing on the life and ministry of Jesus.

The children of Israel didn’t live according to their higher calling and God allowed them to get into captivity. In captivity they cried to God who heard their cry and helped them, this cycle continued for 7 years. They were under the yoke of the Midianites.

A yoke in the spiritual realm is a satanic instrument limiting Christian growth. God had an encounter with Gideon and told him that His desire for His people is to be delivered. Gideon is so much entangled in his foundation, being from the least known family but God sees him as a mighty man of valor/ warrior /deliverer.

Gideon was able to deliver the children of Israel by demolishing the altar of Baal. The angel of the Lord gave him anointing to deliver the Israelites by breaking the bondage of the Midianites. The enemy has come to destroy us but Christ has come so that we may have life in abundance.

The yoke will be broken according to God’s message in Isaiah 10 Takeaways: God chooses anyone to deliver his people. We should be ready to be used by God. God listens to our cries and he will send someone to break the yoke in our lives. God fills us with his anointing of the HolySpirit that enables us to break the yokes in our lives.

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