Safari Lesson 5: Extending Compassion and Care

Safari Lesson 5: Extending Compassion and Care

Perhaps there is a reason why you did not join the band; you do not trust your musical talent, yet.

Perhaps there is a reason why you did not join the blogging team; you do not love to write things.

Perhaps there is a reason why you couldn’t go for the mission; your employer could hear none of it.

I could go on and on, but I am sure I will never find a reason why not to count on you to extend Godly compassion and care to those around you. Neither will you, because scripture says we all have that obligation to help, to show up, to attend to the needs of others.

None of us lives only around people who have no need for care and compassion, for such people do not exist. We only need to be keen and recognize the need of the person across the street, the need of the person who wrote you a text last week, the need of the person who made a remark that they are feeling sickly or tired, the need of the person who brushes our shoes, the need of that “askari” who had to travel home to take care of some urgent business, and the need of that student who feels like an academic under-achiever.

None of us has nothing they could possibly do for a need recognized. You may not have money to give but you may have some time to spare, time that can never be equated to any amount. You may not know what scripture to share or any words of your own which could make a difference to a person who needs your compassion, but you may know how to brew them a nice cup of tea. Food is great for fellowship, so show up and offer that tea. You may not even be a good tea brewer but you are able to sit and listen to someone and genuinely follow through what they are saying. No words would be needed on your part, sometimes a person just needs to bounce off their thoughts on someone else. Be that bouncing board.

None of us can successfully minister to others in any other way unless they begin by developing care and compassion for the people they are ministering to. The usher has to genuinely care that we find a place to sit and get an envelope at the raise of a hand. The Sunday school teacher has to really care for the student, they cannot teach distraught children and they have to come down to the level of the child to address their needs with compassion so the lesson is well received. The pastor has to truly have compassion on the flock, so as to be patient with those of us who wander away and keep bringing us back. The worship leader has to truly care that we come to church looking forward to worship and praise God together, so they cannot just take lightly their role or not prepare. Everybody in the body of Christ has to care and have compassion before they can do any other ministry.

Extend care and compassion to someone today. Be deliberate to find a person that needs your care and compassion, and in whichever way you minister to the body of Christ, let compassion be your driving force.

Written by: Muthoni Mugo