Road to Glory-When Life is The Pits

Road to Glory-When Life is The Pits

Christians stand tall in God’s bewilderment. That is because he is a constant God who provides, heals, protects but most of all LOVES. This is the one thing that every Christian should always hold on to and trust GOD for; in it all, He is a GOD that can never leave our side.

But sadly, this is not so for a big percentage of devoted believers whose lives are filled with junk. The struggle revolves around doubt upon doubt, complains and whining which only keep us away from the goodness of the LORD in bad times.

When Rev. Don Mann visited CITAM, he preached about pit stops.  His sermon titled “When life is the pits” spins around Joseph. A young boy age sixteen is sold twice; firstly by his brothers (to Ishmaelite) and a second time by his first buyers to Egyptians. While in Egypt he is falsely accused by pharaoh’s (Potiphera) wife detained in prison for 2 or more years. Who would take that? Who would still call upon the LORD and abide in Him committing himself to obey Him? Joseph! In his pit stops, he obeyed and he continued to love God with His all. God was with him.

There are scores of God’s men whose lives have been thrown under the bus. The list is long; remember Job and Daniel? Or even the apostles? Not once did they give up on God! This leaves a question; what is your pit stop, and have you maintained your walk in the path of obedience?

Something magnificent always happens after pit stops. All the great men of the Bible who suffered but remained obedient to the word have been blessed profusely.

With that, as I said before, most believers like Israelites do not take pit stops as a through way valley to success ordained for our lives by God. Because we are in constant complain, some of us are bitter. The best example is in the story of Israelites. They went to exile for many years and perhaps they got used to the pain and suffering they were subjected to while in Egypt. That does not dispute the fact that they suffered gravely in the hands of Egyptians. And when God said enough and sent His servant Moses to get them out, note that God was taking them to the Promised Land in Canaan. This was God’s earthly wonderful plan for them. However they had to pass through pit stops. But the whining throughout their escapade delays God’s fantastic fulfillment for forty years.

We learn a great lesson from this reference. When we complain about our pits moments, we become bitter and become blind to see a bright future right in front of us.

God’s generosity can only be experienced with a grateful heart in all circumstances.

I am obsessed with the song “though you slay me, yet I’ll worship you”. Great men of God were slain, Jesus was slain, but through it all He submitted to the will of GOD and prayed during His affliction.

Draw your attention to our theme verse this year borrowed from Isaiah 54:2, “…Shout for joy oh barren woman…”. God knows you inside out and He knows what you are going through, He sees the people who hurt you in the past or presently. Through it all, your rightful blessing still awaits you and all you have to do is be still, be obedient, turn your pain into joyful noise, and trust God, that you may experience a peculiar triumph!