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Whenever the word love is mentioned, wonderful thoughts flood our minds and feelings fill our hearts yet it is the most misunderstood and misused word. In order to have the proper understanding of love we need to look at what God says about it in His word.

God describes Himself as love. Therefore if God is love, then what is love?

To answer the question we


Road to Glory-When Life is The Pits

Christians stand tall in God’s bewilderment. That is because he is a constant God who provides, heals, protects but most of all LOVES. This is the one thing that every Christian should always hold on to and trust GOD for; in it all, He is a GOD that can never leave our side.

But sadly, this is not so for a big percentage of devoted believers whose lives are filled with junk. The struggle revolves around doubt upon doubt, complains and whining which only keep us away from the goodness of the LORD in bad times.

When Rev. Don Mann visited CITAM, he preached about pit stops.  His sermon titled “When life is the pits”