Passion For Passion

Passion For Passion

The passion of Christ is a riveting story that brings Jesus Christ to earth, live amongst sinners and finally gives His life away on the cross to save all those who would call upon His name. All Christians often tell this tale with exhilarating enthusiasm of His love, grace and mercy. Have you ever asked yourself what Jesus left in heaven and what He came to earth to? He left “it all” having realized we had been reduced to nothing, He came down to nothing in order to restore us for Himself, through His redeeming love! Having done this, Christians are left with one purpose; to embrace the same passion.

If you are fortunate to know Christ then you must be aware of the fact that, nothing in this world will satisfy our generation than Jesus. This is a call for all Christians to go and light the world. This started way back; from Jesus Himself through His compassion for us and to His disciples, the Word has been spread at length with a hope that the gospel of our Lord Jesus would reach all corners of the world. Apostle Paul stands out as one of the people who were entirely passionate about this mission, he fully dedicated his life not only to tell people about Jesus but also, live the life that Jesus wants all of us to live, seeking righteousness through the grace of our Lord. The most defining moment in the life of any Christian is when one learns the secret of living the Jesus kind of lifestyle; it is totally transformational.

After Paul believed in Jesus, in His few blindfold days, the Lord told him to go to the city of Damascus where God prepared him for the great commission. After three days, God allowed him to see again. Later on, he joined the disciples in Damascus where he begins to preach Christ with overwhelming passion, because he accepted Jesus and loved him to the bone!

In one of her sermons during the Springboard convention, Rev. Marie Miller said that a   Christian without passion is like a fish without water. It is not alright for any of us to assert to be a Christian and yet have our hearts minds and souls desolate. It is not enough to go to church every Sunday or attend fellowships and ministries but have the type of faith unaccompanied by passion.

Mathew 22:38 says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with your mind”. This is a Christian’s number one principle—the greatest commandment that allows the Jesus kind of passion to surge into hearts.

In any case a person asks why passion? My take is that passion is a drive. It is the fuel of Christian anatomy. It is what pushed Jesus to the cross and it is what should push us to call people for Jesus.

Passion for Christ makes one sing more of Jesus and less of the world—growth! Once we decide to follow Jesus, it is required of us to grow in the knowledge of His will ignoring all that is of the world.

A passionate Christian puts others first before themselves—sacrifice! The Bible says in John 15:13, “Greater love has no—one than this that a man lay down his life for his friends”. Jesus laid down His life for us. He was simply setting an example for us to subsequently do the same for others.

A passionate Christian has the grace of making Jesus famous and not him/herself while doing missions! When we go to the ends of the world to spread the gospel, it is not for people to know how good or excellent communicators we are. Rather, it is for our communication to make Jesus famous amongst those who have not yet had the privilege to know Jesus.

Passion encourages Christians to lead the life preached. It is not enough to preach about God and not live by similar examples. Jesus walked the talk, same as His disciples. This is what we are called for—the life service.

A passionate Christian is able to drink of the living water and poor it out to the world. While enriching ourselves with the Spirit of our Lord, we are commissioned to share what we learn with the rest of the world—finding people!

How beautiful then, would it be if we all recognized that which brought Jesus down to earth as a missionary in order to have the same to take us out in the wilderness for missions? It is time we gave back to our brothers and sisters the same kind of passion that Jesus continues to show us to date! Hallelujah!