Most Precious Image: Beautiful in Christ

Most Precious Image: Beautiful in Christ

Do you have a physical flaw you wish was not there because every time you think about it, it wrecks your attitude?

Linda wakes up every morning, the first thing she does is going in front of a mirror with an intention to find out how she looks when she wakes up. Upon seeing her reflection, she starts speculating;

“How do my eyes look; how about my lips;  is my skin soft”

The big question then strikes at last;

“Will the world find me gorgeous?”

After freshening up she applies make-up which changes her appearance completely. At the look of her reflection, she smiles with satisfaction, ready to face the world.

When I started writing this article, a question struck me. Do I see what I should see in the mirror?

Linda seems to get irritated looking at her own image, so the only way she knows is applying make-up to get the confidence she requires to smile and to face the world.

First and second Genesis talks about God’s creations. After each creation, He saw it was good. When it was time to create man, He chose to mould him in His own likeness;

Genesis 1:27 ‘’so God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them’’

Human beings bear a resemblance to God. This is reason to look into the mirror and see the marvel we are. This should be the primary reaction as we thank God for His wonderful deed.

Genesis 2:25 man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

Contextually, Adam and Eve were content and happy in their situation. It is only after sin that they became embarrassed to discover they were naked. It is only then that they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. In the contemporary lifestyle, beauty routines like make-up help people to obscure a flaw they are ashamed of or to add beauty and more beauty. I am not against make-up or any beauty routine- in fact I am guilty of this too. What I am ashamed of is the fact that in all these, we have not quite acknowledged the truth in the mirror, God’s most precious image!

Psalms 139:14 is a verse that every one of us is quite familiar with. David says he will give thanks to the Lord for he is wonderfully and fearfully made. He adds that his soul knows this too.

Through the human eyes some people are indeed unsightly. Even though, it is impossible to think that you can change your physical looks unless you resolve to go plastic way. You might have heard of competitions involving the ugliest people in the world. These people go for auditions or send images of their ugly faces to the judges with an intention to win the title of ‘’most ugly person’’. I don’t know what you make out of this but I am more than willing to share my notions; these people have accepted who they are to a degree they would want to be recognized for their negative physical trait and to be celebrated for it. However, I wonder what happens to those who don’t win! Do they feel glad or devastated?

Far from that, prominent scientists have tried their best to create a human being in the likeness of God, but have they managed?

In this life, when you think someone is so perfect, it is almost utterly contrary to what they know. It is said that no one is perfect because we all have physical imperfections that are only visible in our human eyes. Scientists have not managed to synthesize a human being with flaws, have they?

You are the most exceptional image which deserves to be recognized and be celebrated.  Like David, declare your “beauty”. Feed your mind and soul with goodness and perfection. This is the open door which will lead you to that mirror. And when you do look into it, all you will see is an epitome of wonder.