The Christian Education Ministry aims to teach and to nature all who come to the faith, to grow to maturity. We disciple them through the word of God to a level where they can win others to Christ and disciple them.
We also equip believers for effective Christian living and maturity carried out at all levels. Various levels through which we teach and equip the believers include Bible Study Groups which we refer to as Safari Groups which are basically. This level provides an opportunity for believers to fellowship and grow together in their residential neighbourhood.

It recommends relevant bible study materials, encourages and facilitates every believer to belong to a neighbourhood group. We also have New Believers’ Doctrinal & Discipleship Class. The new approach to this level is through the safari-discipleship program.

This is a vibrant, dynamic and active ministry in the church. We aim at building family amongst ourselves, growing in the faith and having fun through various forums and activities.

The Teens’ Church brings together teens from age 14-18 especially high schoolers. Every Sunday they have a service in their T.Y.C tent at 11am to 1pm where they have moments of worship, intercession, special performances and Word of God.

Transformers’ Fellowship is for the youth aged 20 – 25 years old (especially those in college or university). They meet every last Sunday of the month (9am – 11am) to build each other’s faith, network and strategize on various community projects to be involved in as a team.

Young Professionals fellowship brings together all youth between age 26 and 35. Their activities are aimed at growing a disciple for the market place. They meet the last Sunday of the month at 2pm to 4pm. They discuss on various issues affecting them at their places of work or business and seek to give a biblical, Christ-Centred solution.

Just Between Us is a fellowship of young ladies in our church (15-25 years old). They organise keshas, cookouts, sleepovers, mentoring sessions and bible studies through their leadership team. Their objective is to having an accountability group and being women of integrity in this generation.

Ironman Fellowship is for young men between ages 15 and 25 years old. They work so closely with the Men’s ministry of the church to disciple and mentor young men. Some of their activities are hikes, mountain climbing, goat eating, bible studies and keshas. We are hoping to raise up men who will walk in the fear of God.

Transformed Children Transforming Society. The Children’s Ministry at CITAM Karen aims to work with all children between the age of 3 and 14 years. We endeavour to provide a conducive environment for the child to “Know God and make Him Known”. This is through their day to day interactions within his or her natural habitat either at home, at school or any other place the child might find themselves in.

Our objectives include to assist children learn and understand the word of God while teaching and disciple the children on biblical principles and truths.

We also recruit and train Sunday School teachers equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively teach and disciple the children in Christ’s ways.

Parents as the primary caregivers are inspired and encouraged to establish family altars and being a role model for the children. By involving parents and teachers, we work together as a unit to nurture a transformed society.

The Fellowship and Care Ministry covers family care, couples, single parents, widows and others who require family care.

Part of our activities include Couple’s Dinner and Pre-marital Counselling, to prepare those who are wedding. The Pre-marital classes are twice in a year
• March-April
• September-October

Get Involved In a Ministry

To join or participate in any of the above ministries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll get you involved in your relevant area of interest.