Citam Karen, Where you belong

I’m New Here

Where you belong.

We are a Pentecostal Church submitted totally to the Blessed Holy Spirit. We are an English-speaking Church with a target audience among the urban populace.

Being missions oriented, we focus on having an outreach to the wider community within their context. We are a community of believers, open to people of all tribes, races and social-strata of the community.

We are a Church with a Ministry approach that is holistic and we seek to reach out to the whole person with the life changing Gospel.

If you are looking for a Church and a place to Worship, your search has come to a good end.


If you haven’t trusted in Jesus as your Savior,


If you’re a follower of Jesus but you haven’t been baptized,


If CITAM Karen Church is your home, it’s time to commit to a body of believers.


You’ve been here a while but you’re not serving.


Get involved in the community INSIDE the church.

Out Reach

We’re called to love others like we love ourselves – reach out!