God lives: God rules: God loves

God lives: God rules: God loves

Devotion by Ian Bisset

Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord-Morning devotion 11/1/2019 Zechariah was one of the prophets who lived after the Jews had been released from captivity by King Cyrus(Persia)at around 538 BC. Joshua was the priest while Zerubabel was the governor of Palestine. The building of the temple required both the cooperation of the state (Represented by Zerubabel) and the church (Joshua). Now at last the time had come. But there were 3 main challenges in doing the noble task of constructing the temple. They were poor and few, there were inner division as some had remained while others had faced the humiliation and lastly they had outside enemies like the soldiers of King of Persia who saw this as a rebellion(Ezra 4-6). The prophet came to encourage them that this work was not by their might but was directly supervised by God who had freed them from captivity according to prophecy of Jeremiah (29:11). Maybe that is how your 2018 has been and even at the start of 2019 you look ahead and see no hope for the future. By the words of Hagai (1:1-2) and Zechariah(4:6) I proclaim them over your life: God rules;God saves and God reigns.

It is not by might nor by power but by the spirit. The mountain you see has been levelled in the spiritual realms in Jesus name. Start the work through faith and receive in your spirit. Don’t be discouraged for 2019 you shall overcome. You are an over-comer by the Spirit of the Lord.

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